Sincerely, Harlem


Seem like sometimes the only thing changin' is the clock.
Even as we see horrific similarities in comparison to the past, once again we rise through the fire with beauty. Creatively, we rise and shed our tribulations through expression. Art. Sincerely, Harlem is commissioning artists to build the series: JUXTHEPOSITION
With this series we ask the artist to use their creativity to see, highlight, compare and render their thoughts on the parallels of the past and today in a single piece. On behalf of the artist a portion of the proceeds will be gifted to the Studio Museum of Harlem for two of their initiatives, Expanding the Walls and Lil' Studio.

Lil’ Studio is a monthly early childhood class that engages children and their adult(s) in reading, singing, movement, and art-making in order to build social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development.

Expanding the Walls would become a deeply impactful program on an individual level as well, fostering personal and creative growth in young people, resonating broadly across communities, and forming new and meaningful connections through art.

This piece was created by Nicholas Benitez, a veteran graphic artist from Staten Island, nYc, and father of Mason.
Nick has worked predominantly in the clothing industry and just launched his sons' namesake collection: @MASONE_NYC

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