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Hotel Theresa Key Valet


Oh the history 1913, The Theresa Hotel opened nestled between 124th and 125th streets on 7th Avenue. It was situated among a cluster of famous nightspots of the day. Locals and out-of-towners could stroll from the hotel to take in jam sessions at Minton’s Playhouse, see floorshows at the Baby Grand, admire chorus girls at Club Baron, do the jitterbug at the Savoy Ballroom, and watch showbiz heavyweights at the Apollo Theater. Black America’s biggest and brightest—Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Duke Ellington, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and so many more—made the hotel their New York stay-over. This was the absolute place to be. And here's your key to the past, now you can Meet Me at The Theresa. 

There were 300 rooms in the Theresa, and I'm making 300 replica keys. These are not originals as they don't exist anymore. This is a set of

1: Brass Hotel Theresa key holder ornament.

1: Brass room number ornament 

1: Brass vintage skeleton key 

1: Brass key ring

While the vintage skeleton key is antique, the balance of the brass pieces are individually and meticulously antiqued by hand to replicate over 60 years of natural patina the metal would have organically achieved. 

Each numbered set is packaged inside of a nook that is carved into the incredible history of the hotel in the book: Meet Me at The Theresa by Sondra Kathryn Wilson from 2004. P.S. #1 is already off the list. 

(sourcing books adds to the delivery time here, as the books are all as close to original prints as possible. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery here)


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