Sincerely, Harlem

Stone Coasters Set


Remember when people used to really dance?! It's like they forgot, well Cab Calloway breaks it down in "Call of the Jitterbug": 

First thing you must do is get a jug,
Put whiskey, wine and gin within,
And shake it all up and then begin.
Grab a cup and start to toss,
You are drinking jitter sauce!
Don't you worry, you just mug,
And then you'll be a jitter bug!

It's said the term came from how the mixing of Gin and Bitters would make you get up and shake a tail feather. Now you can relive the feeling at home. 

These coasters are made from an absorbent stone base, completely unique as we tried natural stone and the beading and water setting rendered them less beneficial. 

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